Body Grow Taller Products Essential Oil

Body Grow Taller Products Essential Oil

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Brand Name: Okeny's
Essential Oil Type: Compound Essential Oil
Model Number: Bone growth essential oils
Ingredient: plant
Item Type: Essential Oil
Product categories: Compound essential oils
The main ingredient: Orange
use for: Foot
Use: spa | massage | Bath
Category: Oil
effect: Body Grow taller
shelf life: 3 years
place of original: China
NET WT: 10ml

Ingredients: Medicine, Poria, Chinese yam, taurine, vitamin A

Effect:Can stimulate the secretion of pituitary growth hormone, plus promoting the production of bone cell division, to extend the skeleton line closed again to stimulate bone growth, so as to achieve the purpose of the body Grow taller

usage:2-3 times one day ,Take 5 drops of essential oil foot massage, massage must once completed, can not stop halfway, massage pituitary big toe points, each press 100-200 times, stick with the four months